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Genres: Thriller , Mystery
Actors: Brian White , Meagan Good , Richard Roundtree , Noah Segan , Emilie de Ravin , Matt O’Leary , Noah Fleiss , Lukas Haas , Nora Zehetner , Joseph Gordon-Levitt , Jonathan Cauff , Reedy Gibbs , Lucas Babin , Tracy Wilcoxen , Ari Welkom
Director: Rian Johnson
Country: United States
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 7.4/10 (60930 votes)

The lonely teenager Brendan finds his former girlfriend Emily dead in the entrance of a tunnel of sewage and recalls her phone call two days ago, when she said to him that she was in trouble. Brendan, who still loved Emily, met bad elements of his high-school trying to contact her, and when he succeeded, she told him that she was OK. He hides her body in the tunnel and decides to investigate the meaning and connection of four words, including “brick” and “pin”, that Emily told him to find who killed her. Using the support of his nerd friend Brain, he successively meets the small time drug dealers Kara, Dode, Brad Bramish, Laura and Tugger, to reach the teenager powerful drug dealer The Pin. Slowly, Brendan unravels the motives why Emily was killed and plots a revenge.

Film Review

This movie just kind of irritated me. I had heard how good it was, so I decided to go ahead and check it out on Netflix instant stream. I'm sorry I did now.I don't know why this keeps happening to me lately where I keep running into movies that've been overly hyped.I don't know what the deal is — do people just want to like a movie so badly they say it's good even if it's not? Another movie that fits that bill for me right now was "Drive". Everybody kept talking about how good it was, and all I saw was a shameless rip off of "The Driver" starring Ryan O'Neal, except for the fact that "The Driver" was actually good while "Drive" put me to sleep.I understand what this movie was trying to go for with the whole "neo-noir" thing, but I don't really think it succeeded. The dialogue was so garbled and incoherent, I could hardly understand what was being said.I don't know what others saw in this, b…

The noir style and dialogue didn't really suite the characters or the high school setting but the film did manage to pull me in as it went along, like any good noir would. Credit to the director for trying something new though, the direction was taut for the most part and it was pretty well written, it's a shame that I found it hard to believe any of the characters. At times it was like kids playing dress up, walking and talking like adults from a different era. I'd still recommend it if you're a fan of noir, the throwbacks to classic films from the 40's will likely go over the average viewers head.7.5/10

Brick is an odd film in that it amalgamates two utterly distinct genres – the high school movie and the film noir. Even odder is that, for whatever reason its writer and director Rian Johnson carries it off. Certainly, you could carp at several aspects of Brick – why didn't the hero involve the police when he finds the body of his girlfriend? – but, oddly, you – at least I – simply didn't want to. It does what a good book or a good film or a good play or a good piece of music always does: it carries you along, it envelopes you in its own world so that it never occurs to you to question anything about the piece until it has long finished. The dialogue, which harks back to the hardbitten chit-chat of Dashiel Hammett and Raymond Chandler, is wholly out of place in modern California and the premise – jilted boyfriend who is something of a loner doggedly investigates the murder of his former girlfriend and a ruthless drug ring – is, on the face of it, almost wholly ludicrous. But…


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