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Genres: Comedy , Sci-Fi , Thriller
Actors: Brian Narelle , Cal Kuniholm , Dre Pahich , Dan O’Bannon
Director: John Carpenter
Country: United States
Year: 1974
IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 (11517 votes)

Low-budget story of four astronauts in deep space, whose mission is to destroy unstable planets in star systems which are to be colonised. The late Commander Powell is stored in deep freeze, where he is still able to offer advice. As their mission nears completion, they must cope with a runaway alien which resembles a beach-ball, faulty computer systems, and a “smart bomb” who thinks it is God.

Film Review

I remember when I first saw this movie on TV shortly after it was made and was not commercially successful. I thought that it was the best sci-fi black comedy that I had seen – and it still is ! Too many science fiction movies take themselves far too seriously and pompously. This film made little ironies laugh out loud.As Dan O'Bannon has said however people "didn't get it" – they didn't get the jokes or the ironies of the situation. The ships computer discussing Nietzschen existentialism with the crew about whether it should detonate the bombs or not – Haha amongst the best lines I have heard in any movie. Forget Becket this would make a good stage play 🙂 "Alien" would later reveal the quality of Dan O'Bannons vision and writing.YES it was low-budget and it was a pity that the "creature" could not be made to look a little less like the plastic ball that it was – BUT it doesn't matter because the whole thing is hilarious. I can w…

Being that this is one of the first of Carpenter's works, and that it had O'Bannon's involvement(more the former than the latter), I made it a point to get to watch it. I noticed that, for being listed a comedy, there aren't that many laughs in it… which is not at all to say that it isn't funny, portions of it certainly are, with several kinds of humor blended together well… some is clever, there's a remarkably well-done absurdity bit(and more than one thing herein is bizarre), and there are black parts, as well. Not every gag or joke works, and with how far there can be between them, I should think that someone just going into this expecting only that will leave disappointed. Meanwhile, if you dig John and the other two genres, you're likely to have a great time. There is genuine tension(he managed to do that skillfully even then), and among the technology and such are interesting aspects to be found(according to the Trivia, a little of it was even ins…

Dark Star is a classic. Its a cult classic only because it hasn't been appreciated by the many, only the few. It requires tolerance, intelligence, and a sense of humor to get, so maybe that's why its only appreciated by the few. Its a definite precursor to Alien (same writer) with a 180 degree take on many of the same themes. Isn't it interesting that the horror version is so much more popular than the comedy version. Maybe if we switched the characters of Ripley (or is it Ridley?) for Pinback and had a hot chick in her underwear in Dark Star, things would have been different. Besides Alien (the alien, the disappearing crew), it references 2001 (the anti-Hal computer,the communications with home) and Star Trek (instead of saving Alien civilizations, usually from themselves, Dark Star goes around blowing up planets, hopefully uninhabited, but who's to know?). And in addition, it contains unique parts, never duplicated. The acting is perfect. It doesn't seem lik…


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