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Genres: Action , Adventure , War
Actors: Cary Grant , Victor McLaglen , Douglas Fairbanks Jr. , Sam Jaffe , Eduardo Ciannelli , Joan Fontaine , Montagu Love , Robert Coote , Abner Biberman , Lumsden Hare
Director: George Stevens
Country: United States
Year: 1939
IMDB Rating: 7.5/10 (6566 votes)

Based loosely on the poem by Rudyard Kipling, this takes place in British India during the Thuggee uprising. Three fun loving sergeants are doing fine until one of them wants to get married and leave the service. The other two trick him into a final mission where they end up confronting the entire cult by themselves as the British Army is entering a trap. This is of the “War is fun” school of movie making. It has the flavour of watching Notre Dame play an inferior high school team. Written by John Vogel Born in British India, Gunga Din always wanted to join the British army like many of his fellow Indians, but was not allowed to do so. So he starts observing them and learns accordingly. He befriends Sgt. Archibald Cutter, and warns him about a Thuggee uprising that may threaten their base. Sgt. Cutter and others are able to fend off the attack, but when Gunga gets information of a much larger rebel attack, Cutter accompanies him to the cult’s temple embedded with gold statues of Hindu deities. Gunga finds out he is regarded as a traitor by his countrymen, and Cutter, as well as Sergeants MacChesney and Ballantine are held captive by the Thuggees in a bid to force the British to leave India.

Film Review

This happy-go-luck 1939 military swashbuckler, based rather loosely on Rudyard Kipling's memorable poem as well as his novel "Soldiers Three," qualifies as first-rate entertainment about the British Imperial Army in India during the 1880s. Cary Grant delivers more knock-about blows with his knuckled-up fists than he did in all of his other movies put together. Set in faraway India, this six-fisted yarn dwells on the exploits of three rugged, reckless British sergeants and their native water bearer Gunga Din (Sam Jaffe) who contend with a bloodthirsty cult of murderous Indians called the Thuggee who worship the god Kali. Sergeant Archibald Cutter (Cary Grant of "The Last Outpost"), Sergeant MacChesney (Oscar-winner Victor McLaglen of "The Informer"), and Sergeant Ballantine (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. of "The Dawn Patrol"), are a competitive trio of hard-drinking, hard-brawling, but fun-loving Alpha males whose years of frolic are about to becom…

I'm guessing that back in the day movies that were just Boy's Own Paper in celluloid form were highly popular. Time sure hasn't been kind to this example and it's almost impossible to detect any traces of a George Stevens 'touch', in fact this effort could have been directed by any half competent journeyman. Only in Hollywood would they cast an Italian actor who specialized in Mafiosi type gangsters (Eduardo Cianelli) as not only an Indian but the leader of the Thuggee cult. This is essentially Sergeants Three with trumpets so we get the usual 'knockabout' fun/rivalry between three sergeants in the Raj; oh, look, Ma, aren't they Scamps. Inevitably they have to get in real trouble along about Reel #8 and just as inevitably get themselves out of it and in passing save the regiment from being massacred. You want it? Take it, with my blessing.

Gunga Din (1939) is based on Rudyard Kipling's poem.The movie is directed by George Stevens.It's set in India during the 19th century where three British soldiers have to stop an evil guru and his murderous cult.Gunga Din is a marvelous adventure war comedy with plenty of thrilling moments.The three leading men are brilliant.Cary Grant is Sgt.Archibald Cutter, Victor McLaglen is Sgt.'Mac' MacChesney and Douglas Fairbanks Jr.(the son of the legendary you know who) is Sgt.Thomas Ballantine.Let's not forget the other fine players who include Sam Jaffe playing Gunga Din himself in a brilliant way.The beautiful and gifted Joan Fontaine is Emaline Stebbins.It's awfully fun to watch the difficulties of Tommy's and Emmy's wedding plans.Gunga Din is awfully lot of fun.It can be funny, it can be thrilling.It can be everything a good movie requires.


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