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Genres: Action , Crime , Drama
Actors: Michael Paré , Diane Lane , Rick Moranis , Amy Madigan , Willem Dafoe , Deborah Van Valkenburgh , Richard Lawson , Rick Rossovich , Bill Paxton , Lee Ving , Stoney Jackson , Grand L. Bush , Robert Townsend , Mykelti Williamson , Elizabeth Daily
Director: Walter Hill
Country: United States
Year: 1984
IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 (8144 votes)

Rock and Roll singer is taken captive by a motorcycle gang in a strange world that seems to be a cross of the 1950’s and the present or future. Her ex-boyfriend returns to town and to find her missing and goes to her rescue.

Film Review

Yes, this movie is set in another time and place which perhaps means the movie is set in another world. However, for the most part the city they are in looks kind of like Chicago to me, and for the most part does not really look all that different from a city in this world and at that time, except the villains in this strange alternate world as it were, wear rubber fishing pants. Still, I loved the music that was played throughout the movie as most of the songs really kind of rocked. I was just not all that keen on the story for the most part. I mean I enjoy a good kidnapping plot, I just did not like the whole hot girl dating Rick Morranis thing. It also could have used more action or something, but then it would not have been as good a musical or something. The actors are all right though and it was an enjoyable enough movie for the most part it just needed more touches of action here and there and a better ending would have helped too. Of course, that ending could have also represe…

This is the exact point at which Walter Hill's career took a giant nosedive. Like Hal Ashby, Coppola and Altman, Hill had a brilliant career in the 70s, which unfortunately fizzled out due to his inability to negotiate the new Hollywood of the 80s. That is, a Hollywood which now stood for inflated budgets, blanket releases, global demographics, increasingly infantilized scripts and an increasingly postmodern aesthetic.Hill made several minor masterpieces early in his career. "Hard Times", "The Driver", "The Warriors", "The Long Riders", "Southern Comfort" and (to a lesser extent) "Crossroads" are all excellent films. In them, Hill demonstrates a fondness for sparse dialogue, archetypal plots, an elegiac tone, electro scores, brilliant night-time photography, Westerns and Old West archetypes and the way in which masculinity intersects with or disrupts myth. He's essentially the bridge between Hawks, Peckinpah, Siegel…

I haven't seen this movie since 1984, when it first came out and I was 18 years old. I loved the music and have been listening to most of the soundtrack since. Then the atmosphere really disturbed me—and I thought Michael Paré was the hottest.Rewatching it now, I can see how awful the dialogue is but appreciate that the actors (quite a few of whom have had good careers) seemed to realize this. The atmosphere remains creepy-ish but more intriguing because I can see that many are just painted backdrops and not meant to look "real." "Another time, another place" is a little much as the described setting for this movie, since it looks like NY (Brooklyn?) in the '50s.But Willem Dafoe is just about as disturbing as he was with his leather overalls (what was with that?), odd hairdo, and creepy smile.

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