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Genres: Horror , Thriller
Actors: Richard Carlson , Susan Gordon , Lugene Sanders , Juli Reding , Joe Turkel , Lillian Adams , Gene Roth , Vera Marshe , Harry Fleer , Merritt Stone , George Stanley , Dick Walsh , Leslie Thomas
Director: Bert I. Gordon
Country: United States
Year: 1960
IMDB Rating: 3.5/10 (1158 votes)

On an island community off of California, Tom Stewart is preparing to marry the woman he loves. His plans are threatened by his old girlfriend, Vi, who shows up secretly. During a confrontation at the top of the island’s lighthouse, the railing breaks and Vi falls. Tom has a chance to save her but doesn’t. Tom’s relief at Vi’s accident soon fades when her vengeful spirit begins showing up wherever he goes…

Film Review

Tormented is quite a scary ghost story from Mr Big. No giant insects in it though.On a remote island,a musician’s former lover falls to her death from a lighthouse even though he could have stopped her. He then tries to carry on with his life and prepare for his forthcoming wedding but she comes back to haunt him. This leads to many strange and creepy happenings including a record player playing on its own accord, the supposedly disused lighthouse working, footprints in the sand and the flowers wilting at his wedding. She also causes him to murder a young man. He then returns to the lighthouse to confront the ghost…Despite reading bad reviews about this movie, I found it quite enjoyable and certainly scary at times.The cast includes sci-fi/horror regular Richard Carlson (It Came From Outer Space, Creature From the Black Lagoon), Mr Big’s daughter Susan Gorden, Lugene Sanders, Juli Reding, Joe Turkel and Gene Roth (Earth vs the Spider).Catch this if you get the chance. Excellent desp…

Alright, so "Tormented" isn't a masterpiece, or even a cult classic for that matter. However, its far from the turkey its often reputed to be. Sure, its obviously cheap, but what do you expect with these kinds of things? For all its impoverishment and limitations, "Tormented" manages to tell a reasonably creepy ghost story. Its probably the most well-made film from Bert I. Gordon, a director often looked upon as a hack. Its only second to "The Magic Sword" as my personal favorite from him.Sure, the film isn't perfect. With the exception of Richard Carlson, the acting is pretty lousy (especially the annoying little girl) and the pacing is rather poor (to be expected from Gordon). Still, the film has atmosphere to spare. The shots of the shoreline in the dark can be quite eerie (if a bit clichéd). Its campy at moments, but surprisingly effective in others. What makes this work more than it should however is Carlson. As the tormented jazz pian…

I do not understand how people found this movie scary or even vaguely engaging. The script, acting and effects all compete for last place. If I had been young enough to be scared by this, I would have been put off by the mushy parts. What age group was this aimed at? Were we really that unsophisticated in 1960?Spoilers (coincidentally also known as my favorite parts): The screaming detached head. The crashed wedding where the spirit wilts the flowers. The guide dog which leads in random directions with respect to the blind woman. The cool talking ship captain. It just gets better as it progresses. Set the bar low and prepare to be entertained. Ed Woods would be proud!


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