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Genres: Comedy , Family , Romance
Actors: Ronald Reagan , Diana Lynn , Walter Slezak , Lucille Barkley , Jesse White , Herbert Heyes , Herb Vigran , Harry Tyler , Edward Clark , Edward Gargan , Joel Friedkin , Brad Browne , Elizabeth Flournoy , Howard Banks , Perc Launders
Director: Frederick De Cordova
Country: United States
Year: 1951
IMDB Rating: 5.2/10 (511 votes)

Professor Peter Boyd’s engagement to the Dean’s daughter is upset by the revelation that his father was a habitual convict. To prove the Dean’s genetic theory of inherited traits as wrong, Boyd starts a ‘secret’ experiment. He borrows the science department’s chimpanzee with the goal of showing that it is one’s environment that affects your reaction to right and wrong.

Film Review

In this film, only remembered because it stars a president, Ronald Regan as a teacher must disprove the theory of his girlfriends father that people are either born bad or born good. so in order to disprove this theory Ronnie takes a chimp under his wing to teach it right and wrong "To Do Good Without Hope Of Reward! To Avoid Wrong Without Fear Of Punishment! A CHANCE MY FATHER NEVER HAD" this film taken under the context of the modern political system is quite funny with the evolution debate still going on and the symbol for the republican party trying to teach a monkey human feeling. This film is not great! but it is entertaining for its historical relevance(?), well the Ramones did get the title Bonzo Goes To Bitberg from this movie so thats one good thing.

Am I going to say this is a fantastic movie or high art? Of course not. However, over the years a sort of lore has emerged that is WAY OUT OF PROPORTION to the quality of the movie. Mostly because of Johhny Carson’s repeated jokes at the expense of the movie during the Reagan years, people have incorrectly assumed it is a bad flick and that is far from true! It is, in fact, a cute family movie that’s amazingly good for what it is. The story is very simple and engaging despite it being a chimp movie. A professor (Reagan) wants to show that people are a product of their upbringing not genetics. This is because the professor’s father was a criminal and he desperately wants to prove that goodness is a learned choice, not pre-determined. He gets the idea to bring a chimp into his home and try to teach him right from wrong BUT because he is just a single man, he hires a woman (Diana Lynn) to pose as the mommy and he becomes Bonzo’s surrogate dad. It’s actually quite well-made fluff, and the…

(Some Spoilers) Trying to prove that environment and parenting is the key to what we become in life Sheridan Collage psychology professor Peter Boyd, Ronald Reagan, takes on a Herculean task in showing that the cute but somewhat neurotic chimp Bonzo can be straightened out in a good and loving home.Not having any male or female chimps around to adopt Bonzo Prof. Boyd decides to act as Bonzo's dad and hires 23 year-old baby-sitter Jane Linden, Diana Lynn, as the chimps surrogate mom. Prof. Boyd has himself beaten the odds by becoming an upstanding citizen and collage professor despite his dad being the legendary con artist "Silky" Boyd who spent the last twenty years of his life behind bars. To Prof. Boyd Bonzo getting over his anxieties with his and Jane's guidance would be a lead pipe cinch but it just didn't turn out the way that he expected.Together with his friend at the collage Prof. Neumann, Walter Slezak, Boyd secretly gets Bonzo to stay with him at his ho…


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