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Genres: Comedy
Actors: Stanley Holloway , George Relph , Naunton Wayne , John Gregson , Godfrey Tearle , Hugh Griffith , Gabrielle Brune , Sid James , Reginald Beckwith , Edie Martin , Michael Trubshawe , Jack MacGowran , Ewan Roberts , Herbert C. Walton , John Rudling
Director: Charles Crichton
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1953
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10 (1112 votes)

The residents of a small English village are about to lose their ancient railroad. They decide to rescue it by running it themselves, in competition with the local bus company.

Film Review

This delightful comedy would be a joy in black-and-white. In Technicolor it's a real treat. The vividly English landscapes are used imaginatively to augment the appeal of the trains themselves. Color is drawn upon inventively to set the moods for various scenes and to cast a wonderful spell of romance, of firmly delineated villains and purest-motived heroes in a classic tale of St George versus the dragon.T.E.B. Clarke's wittily observed, richly characterized script offers a wonderfully unlikely St George in the local vicar. His squire is the young squire himself, his champion a friendly bishop. The dragons are the local bus proprietors. Very fitting. I love trains, hate buses. Any movie that toes this line is going to get 100% of my vote anyway.But, additionally, the acting here is so winning, so endearing, so priceless. Not a single player is out of step. All have their opportunities — even Naunton Wayne (in a more or less straight role) and Sid James (as a heavy) &#151…

What a glorious piece of technicolored nostalgia,English style.Did small towns like Titfield really exist in the nineteen fifties? Well I lived in a similar place with an eccentric but much loved Vicar,the respected Squire,and plenty of well heeled gents who liked a drink or two.We even had a little branch line known locally as the Westerham Flyer (till Dr Beeching axed it in 1963)Here in the film the residents of Titfield are dismayed to learn that their local branch line to Mallingford is to be closed down.The Rev.Weech played by George Relph and the young Squire played by John Gregson rally the villagers to try and run the line themselves.After overcoming much red tape and a particularly officious railway trade unionist,complete with flat cap,memorably played by Reginald Beckworth they are given a months trial.There are two main obstacles,the first is £10,000 capital required and the second is the local bus company owned by a couple of dodgy characters named Crump and Pierce a…

What can I say I love steam locomotives and this movie is a recommendation to all the railway enthusiasts. The movie is based upon a little village called Titfield, the local branch line is been forced to close down due to the 1951 modernisation plan by British Railways to close down local branch lines and make way for the bus services. This could be an interesting plot for a Thomas the Tank Engine episode. The movie focuses on the determination of railway preservation in the UK and there are many railways that are preserved in our modern lifestyle to let the younger generation to witness the site of steam locomotion. Plus the scene where the tank engine and the steam roller have a duel on the level crossing is one of my favorites.


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