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Genres: Drama , Romance
Actors: Michel Scotto di Carlo , Cécile Henry , Stéphane Moquet , Adrienne Bonnet , Diane Bellego , Jean-François Stévenin , Berta Domínguez D. , Jean-Pierre Léaud , Olivier Parnière , Etienne Chicot , Delphine Zentout , Anny Chasson , Jean-Claude Binoc , Christian Lafitte , Christian Andia
Director: Catherine Breillat
Country: France
Year: 1988
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 (568 votes)

Lili, a pouty and voluptuous 14-year-old, is caravan camping with her family in Biarritz. She’s self-aware and holds her own in a café conversation with a concert pianist she meets, but she has a wild streak and she’s testing her powers over men, finding that she doesn’t always control her moods or actions, and she’s impatient with being a virgin. She sets off with her brother to a disco, latching onto an aging playboy who is himself hot and cold to her. She is ambivalent about losing her virginity that night, willing the next, and determined by the third. The playboy’s mix of depression and misogyny ends their unconsummated affair, so Lili has to hunt elsewhere.

Film Review

This film was made in France in the late 1980s, but it is unimaginable that it could be made in Hollywood then or now. The US studio mind set sees adolescence in ‘American Pie’ terms and the current wave of legislative hysteria over child porn precludes any thoughtful treatment of how adolescents deal with their emerging sexuality.Working outside these constraints in France Catherine Breillat has been able to craft a film which is occasionally startlingly frank but never exploitive. She looks unblinkingly at the unruliness of adolescent sexual behavior and does not shy away from depicting the protagonist of the title as part seducer as well as part victim.Delphine Zentout is sensationally good in depicting a young girl with rampaging hormones in a hurry to become a woman. She plays her as unashamedly surly, self absorbed and difficult, without a trace of cuteness.This is a film in which every note rings true.

Seeing Hounddog today and the 12-year-old Dakota Fanning, I wanted to compare it with a French film, specifically a Catherine Breillat film with a 14-year-old Delphine Zentout in her film debut.She is unhappy with her parents and bored and determined to lose her virginity.She first runs into a middle aged man (Etienne Chicot) who is living his second childhood with his convertible. She dumps him quickly and seeks adventure elsewhere.She next hits on a celebrity (Jean-Pierre Léaud). I found it hard to believe that he would have a deep conversation with a 14-year-old, but he did. Of course, she was not old enough to appreciate the advice.She goes back to the middle aged playboy and strings him along all night. He comes off as a letch, but ends up just looking pathetic.They get together again the next day, and this time he has her naked, but it goes nowhere and he gives up. But, she is determined to rid herself of her virginity, so she finds a boy her age and does it just to not be …

36 Fillette or "Virgin" which is the English title, is a film set in France which portrays a couple of days in the life of a 14 year old girl who trying to explore her sexuality for the first time. She meets a play boy who at first she teases and does not want to make love to which enfuriates him but as the film goes on the guy starts to have second thoughts and the tables are turned. While this film is engrossing , and maybe only for voyeuristic reasons ,it does have the problem that most French films do, which is far to much diologue. The acting is a plus point. 6 out of 10.

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