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Genres: Comedy , Drama , Sport
Actors: Jan-Michael Vincent , William Katt , Gary Busey , Patti D’Arbanville , Lee Purcell , Sam Melville , Darrell Fetty , Gerry Lopez , Hank Worden , Joe Spinell , Steve Kanaly , Barbara Hale , Fran Ryan , Dennis Aaberg , Reb Brown
Director: John Milius
Country: United States
Year: 1978
IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 (3200 votes)

Matt Johnson, Jack Barlow, and Leroy Smith are three young California surfers in the 1960s. At first reveling in the carefree life of beaches, girls, and waves, they eventually must face the fact that the world is changing, becoming more complex, less answerable by simple solutions. Ultimately the Vietnam war interrupts their idyll, leaving them to wonder if they will survive until “Big Wednesday,” the mythical day when the greatest, cleanest, most transcendent wave of all will come.

Film Review

I first saw this when it came out. As a surfer, I looked forward to it, and was disappointed. I just watched it today on Netflix and was even more disappointed! The unbelievable house party scene was probably what really highlighted how Hollywood fantasizes too much about how they think either the world is, was, or should be. It was kind of funny to see Gary Bussey play essentially himself in this movie, after rewinding in my head the news stories of the past 30 years about him. The Endless Summer movies still are the best at depicting what surfing is about, despite the many corny scenes thrown into them. The attempts of Big Wednesday to depict teens maturing into adults just fell flat. I wish I hadn't wasted another 2 hours watching this movie again.

Big Wednesday has major weaknesses as a coming of age film which are made up for by some excellent surfing scenes, particularly towards the end. The plot, or whatever passes for a plot is trite and contrived – quite direction-less. Ideas and coming of age memories of the script writers seem to have been banded together with poor sense of characterization. The idea of showing a character aging by having a ridiculous mustache doesn't show a lot of maturity.However, surfing is at the soul of this film. The last 20 minutes are so good that even those not familiar with the sport would be intrigued. I can understand this being a cult favorite for surfers. The Vietnam drafting section was also something I hadn't seen in a film before and I found it educational.

The surfing scenes are spectacular, the acting is excellent, but the plot of this coming-of-age story is, unfortunately, washed up.Three surfing buddies grow up in Malibu in the 1960s, facing the standard dilemmas of romance, career, Vietnam and the age-old question of what to do when they grow up. They reunite every few years, a bit jaded as they age but with their passion for surfing intact. The film climaxes with Big Wednesday, a day the surf has swelled to spectacular proportions. William Katt and Gary Busey turn in respectable performances, and Jan-Michael Vincent reminds us what a solid actor he was before life's temptations derailed his career.The problem with "Big Wednesday" is that when the characters are on land, which is most of the film, they're not overly interesting. "American Graffiti" tackled the terrain of Vietnam and drugs much more effectively a few years before this film, and the character voice-over became all too familiar in "The …


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