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Genres: Horror , Romance , Thriller
Actors: Alan Bagh , Whitney Moore , Tippi Hedren , Rick Camp , Patsy van Ettinger , Colton Osborne , Damien Carter , Danny Webber , Catherine Batcha , Laura Cassidy , Janae Caster , James Z. Feng , Stephen Gustavson , Milan Lee , Steve McMoy
Director: James Nguyen
Country: United States
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 1.9/10 (4685 votes)

A platoon of eagle & vultures attack the residence of a small town. Many people died. It’s not known what caused the flying menace to attack. Two people managed to fight back, but will they survive Birdemic?

Film Review

Every now and again, I read a review on this site of a film where the person says things like, "it's the worst movie I've ever seen!", when it might indeed be pretty ordinary, but not really one star basis. My thought is usually, "You really don't know what 'bad' is, do you?" "Birdemic: Shock And Terror" is bad. It is as bad as what people say it is. It is almost unbelievably bad, and I can believe a lot. It is gobsmackingly awful – this coming from a fan of Ed Wood.Rod and Nathalie are two former schoolmates who happen to come across each other, and proceed to fall in love, also happening to find out that they just happen to have neutral fans who also just happen to be in love.Nothing occurs in the first half of the film. Nothing. After the opening credits, where a tinny tune is played on a continuous loop, we are treated to deadening acting (although, in defense, Whitney Moore isn't too bad), atrocious dialogue, horrible so…

Really, I'm at a loss. What can be said about a movie like Birdemic? All the reviews you can find detail the innumerable problems: the poor directing, the lack of consistent sound quality (including the famous "HI" from the waitress at the beginning), the crappy GIFs of birds sloppily pasted over the screen, which spit acidic orange juice and explode and make airplane noises, acting worse than the average porno, etc.But does this movie really deserve review? A review of a movie implies that it is…..well, a professional film. Birdemic is listed on a site alongside The Godfather and Avatar, and it received a theatrical release. But it doesn't seem right. This movie simply does not exist in the same realm as what anyone would call a "movie." It dips down into the 90s era of home movies, manufactured by a few high schoolers in the summer with a pirated copy of Adobe Aftereffects.What I'm saying is that to review this film on IMDb almost implies that it…

A lot of things have been said about this movie, I read most of the reviews, but nothing could prepare me for the clogged toilet full of sh*t that is birdemic. Don't get me wrong I think you should see it, but it is truly the worst movie EVER.Okay the CGI is HORRIBLE, the sound transitions between scenes are so bad you will think somebody switched the channel and none of the actors have any real talent. The plot is more made up of mistakes than an actual story, all characters are one dimensional and boring at best. The best part of the movie is the worst part of a porn movie, seeing the chick in her underwear.Why I still think you should watch this is because of the leading role, Rod (or whatever), played by Alan Bagh. I think a cardboard cutout of the "They're eating her! And then they're going to eat me! Oh my GOOOOOOOOD!"-guy from troll 2 (search it on youtube if you haven't seen it) would do a better job than this guy. He can not do a single movement …

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