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Actors: Patrick Huard , Julie LeBreton , Sylvie Boucher , Christopher Heyerdahl , Marie Brassard , Christian Bégin , Patrice Robitaille , Hugolin Chevrette-Landesque , Gilles Renaud , Marie-Josée Godin , Sharlene Royer , Sylvain Beauchamps , Peter Seaborn , Heidi Bureau , Emanuel Grenier-Benoït
Director: Erik Canuel
Country: Canada
Year: 2009
IMDB Rating: 5.3/10 (321 votes)

One Halloween, the alcoholic mother of good-for-nothing Raymond suddenly dies, and he throws her body in a ditch. Repenting, he calls his sister Angelie, an actress who he has not seen for ten years, to help find the corpse. But the corpse they bring back in the ruined family home is not that of their mother. The brother and the sister start a sinister adventure involving two gangsters in dire straits, two chilling dealers, a dishonest artist agent, a terribly stupid cop, and a horde of pigs.

Film Review

My biggest surprise of 2010, I found that movie in a video store and I had never heard of it before… I looked at it thinking it was going to be a poor cheesy doubled American movie. To my great surprise it was a ''quebecois'' with plenty of our very best actors so I watched it and I was impressed.But to be really honest I think it's the type of movie you have to be a fan of ''quebecois'' cinema to enjoy and to a certain point you also need a good knowledge Quebec's's society to understand how sadly realistic it is. Human misery at it's best, disgusting pain and lows of life, Tragic end, ''beaudelairienne'' beauty in overwhelming ugliness that movie has everything I look for when I watch a ''quebecois'' movie.

Bear in mind, I went to this movie with absolutely no expectations or preconceived notions. I knew only of the main actor. It is gross and it is funny from beginning pretty much til the end. The acting is enjoyably over the top and the script is sufficiently spare leaving us appreciating some moments of silence, during images filled with sous-entendus even more gross than the actual script.The notion of comedy here will possibly be lost on a great many viewers as it deals with sex and gore in a very Québécois way, if I dare say so, but I laughed out loud in many moments and plenty of images and moments will forever have a drawer in my mind.


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