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Genres: Comedy , Romance , Crime
Actors: Marlene Dietrich , Gary Cooper , John Halliday , William Frawley , Ernest Cossart , Akim Tamiroff , Alan Mowbray , Zeffie Tilbury , George MacQuarrie , Robert Emmett O’Connor
Director: Frank Borzage
Country: United States
Year: 1936
IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 (810 votes)

Madeleine steals a string of pearls in Paris and uses US engineer Tom, who is driving on his vacation to Spain, to get the pearls out of France, but getting the pearls, back from him proves to be difficult without falling in love.

Film Review

Marlene Dietrich stars as a European jewel thief who comically pilfers an extremely rare and expensive pearl necklace from a renowned jewelry store in France. Making her escape through Europe, she keeps bumping into a persistent, not-so-bright, vacationing American motor engineer played delightfully by Gary Cooper. After blowing he and his advances off several times, she realized that he unknowingly has obtained her stolen prize, and now she must find him in Spain and play up to him romantically. The film is very breezy and light most of the way, and Cooper and Dietrich do a fine job together. Meanwhile, Ernest Cossart as the jeweler and Alan Mowbray as a psychiatrist who is an unwitting accomplice to Dietrich have a great comedic scene with each other early on in Mowbray’s office. 7 out of 10.

Ernst Lubitsch was one of the co-producers of DESIRE with it's director Frank Borzage. Borzage was a good enough director to have handled the material of this delightful romantic comedy, but Lubitsch fans feel that he frequently discussed the film with Ernst, and the famous "touch" has been noted throughout it.Gary Cooper is an ace salesman for the Bronson automobile company in Paris, working under William Frawley. He is about to go on his well earned vacation, but Frawley has a slight plan of his own. He is giving Cooper a new Bronson 8 automobile to use on the trip, which will carry a large sign on it advertising the car. In the meantime, unconnected to this, Marlene Dietrich has been involved in a neat piece of jewelry theft. She goes to the jewelry firm of M. Duval (Ernst Cossart) and arranges for him to deliver his finest necklace to "her home", the address of which is the home of Dr. Pacquet (Alan Mowbray). Later she goes to Dr. Pacquet's office (he i…


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