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Genres: Thriller , Romance , Drama
Actors: Horacio Obón , Ana Gracia , Concha Hidalgo , Stella Maris , Carlos Kaniowsky , Luis Antonio Ramos , Anthony Diaz-Perez , Leticia Dolera , Rubén Blades , Maria Canals-Barrera , Emma Thompson , Antonio Banderas , Hector Bordoni , Fernando Tielve , Irene Escolar
Director: Christopher Hampton
Country: United States, United Kingdom, Spain
Year: 2003
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 (2107 votes)

A W Bergh, Stockholm: Heard about the green Ford Falcons of Buenos Aires? Death mobiles they was called and were doing the same dirty job for president Videla and a string of junta generals… See full synopsis »

Film Review

This is slow and un-dramatic film, about a man who can remember the future, focused around ‘los desaparacidos’ or the disappeared thousands of Argentina who were kidnapped, tortured and killed. They are called the red deaths. The story of the Argentinians during this time of oppression is a horrific one and this tedious film starring Emma Thompson and Antonio Banderas relies on their truly sorry stories to sell the film. Argentina is a vast country and the camera work in the film allows us a small glimpse at their beautiful landscapes, and these moments were the highlights of the film. In my opinion it was difficult to tell if the acting from Antonio or the script was worse. This period in history for Argentina deserved altogether a better representation of the troubles endured. So a very disappointing watch.

Imagining Argentina is one of those odd little features that you acknowledge is trying to do the right thing in wanting to explore the historical content it's taking and get across that sense of fear and desperation linked to its harrowing subject matter of oppression and living under a ruling state, but just generally leaves a lot to be desired. It's as if the piece exists to detail and document a happening in a place at a time but, similarly to something like 2007's Goodbye Bafana, feels as if it's the sort of thing a GCSE history teacher might put on in front of the class when the time arises on the syllabus to cover 1970s-80s Argentinian oppression. Imagining Argentina is a strange effort, the head in one place; the heart in another. Adapted from a 1987 Lawrence Thornton novel, it wants to bring to attention what happened in Argentina from 1976 to '83 between the people and The State and how the strict, authoritarian regime in place ruled with fists of iro…

Imagining Argentina (2003)The story, and the facts behind the story, of innocent people being kidnapped, tortured, and killed in Argentina is so disturbing and emotionally draining it's hard to see this movie objectively. I wish it was a better movie, both in its construction (the filming and editing) and in the storytelling decisions (too much emphasis on empty searching, and too much torture, even after we get the point).Cruelty needs no sympathy, and this movie gives it none. But it gives it attention, offering only a solution in perseverance and romantic love. There are lots of evocative scenes of dancing and music, of wide open countryside, and of warmly lit interiors. It paints a picture of a beautiful country with a beautiful culture, just to show how a small tilt in a great place can turn to horrors.The final statistics of all the people "disappeared" under the Argentine dictatorship is an indictment of cruel dictators. The movie serves to remind us, and to pain…


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