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Genres: Comedy
Actors: Gaston Modot , Lya Lys , Caridad de Laberdesque , Max Ernst , Josep Llorens Artigas , Lionel Salem , Germaine Noizet , Duchange , Bonaventura Ibáñez
Director: Luis Buñuel
Country: France
Year: 1930
IMDB Rating: 7.5/10 (5977 votes)

Bunuel’s first feature has more of a plot than Un Chien Andalou, but it’s still a pure Surrealist film, so this is only a vague outline. A man and a woman are passionately in love with one another, but their attempts to consummate that passion are constantly thwarted, by their families, the Church and bourgeois society.

Film Review

Since having heard his name mentioned for the first time in connection to Alfred Hitchcock and Dario Argento on the info packed commentary by Alan Jones and Kim Newman's for Argento's classic debut The Bird With The Crystal Plumage,Luis Bunuel has been a director who I have become pretty keen on taking a look at.Whilst almost getting myself caught up in an endless back and fourth struggle over trying to decide what Bunuel film I should go for,I thankfully got a bit of luck,when I recently found his very first film being sold at a fantastic price,which led me to deciding that my first Bunuel would also be the first ever (non short) film that he made. The plot:Soon after they have started to passionately kiss each other like two wild animals,a young couple are pulled apart by a group of consisting of their families,police officers and priests who object so strongly to what the couple are doing on the beach,that they beat up the man in broad daylight on the beach.Taking the man…

Piece of Spanish reality, this movie is only another brick to classical atmosphere. A society without clear capers, in the sea of memories, fragile, cower, small, behind childish games and bovaric circles. In fact, it is more that. Buñuel is subtle and strong in the skin of a character who may be very well, only a shadow.So, the scenes are slices of a way to read the existence. The hope and minor drama are mixed and the taste is , in same time, awful and melancholic. A world in which Don Quijote is mask for every Oblomov. In which the story of the Duke of Blangis is present and the joy are only proves of cynic destiny.A film about fake success and empty universes. A description of the importance of image and the drama without bones. A film about pains of East in which the medals, relationships and feelings are accidents.

Luis Buñuel's companion piece to Un Chien Andalou had much the same effect its predecessor had on me: it bored me, it baffled me, it frustrated me, it disappointed me. It's another collection of insignificant, random episodes illuminated by rare flashes of genius. It eschews any narrative or meaning, which at least gives weight to its claim as one of the few actual surrealist movies ever made.But I've seen Buñuel's work from several periods in his life, and I admit I much prefer he works with a narrative, like in Belle de Jour or The Exterminating Angel. When anything goes in a narrative, when nothing has a purpose or limits, nothing is incredible about it, not cows in beds, or a woman sucking a statue's toes, or other bizarre imagery available in The Golden Age. On the other hand, in a reality-based movie the intrusion of the fantastic, the strange and the grotesque is much more noticeable and fascinating, and that's why I much prefer Buñu…


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