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Genres: Drama , Crime , Action
Actors: Richard Riehle , John Doman , Kelley Hazen , John Carroll Lynch , Kevin Conway , Peter Stormare , Lindsey Ginter , Carrie Preston , Bodhi Elfman , Robert Stanton , Kim Dickens , Chi McBride , Miko Hughes , Alec Baldwin , Bruce Willis
Director: Harold Becker
Country: United States
Year: 1998
IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 (37556 votes)

Bruce Willis is an outcast FBI agent who is assigned to protect a 9 year old autistic boy who is the target for assassins after cracking a top secret government code.

Film Review

This was Bruce Willis at his finest. Although Mercury Rising was financially not well received, the film is a terrific thriller, solid acting, great story and just all around entertaining! One reviewer said this was more of a drama about autism and that's ludicrous. This is a thriller about a young boy who happens to have autism but to call this a drama or about autism at all is misleading. The film is part mystery, part thriller, part action and will entertain from beginning to end. Powerful performances from the lead cast make it worthwhile and riveting.Bruce Willis plays Art Jeffries and does a great job doing what he does best. No this isn't an award worthy performance or anything outstanding for Willis but he still carries the film well and Willis fans, like myself, will remember this. The star and stand out performance of this film is Miko Hughes who brilliantly plays autistic puzzle solver Simon. His performance is award worthy and I've always remembered it as on…

I gave this a "gentleman's 7" because the acting is well done, especially by the kid who plays "Simon." (Others have given the story line, so I'll bypass most of that.)So, here are a lot of spoilers for anyone to avoid who hasn't seen this movie before. These are basically flaws that made me think: "This doesn't make sense. What about. . . . . (fill in the blank)?" Simon's (the kid's) parents are murdered at his home by an NSA assassin. The assassin really wants to find and kill Simon but can't find him in the house. Simon, who is a savant, figured out a massive, highly complex and multi-billion-dollar code the NSA developed to safeguard its classified info. Alex Baldwin is the NSA colonel in charge of the project. His mission is "Kill Simon."The Chicago police arrive at the house and figure it's a murder/suicide because of the costs and stress of caring for Simon. Bruce, an FBI agent, shows up and questio…

I like Bruce Willis movies as a rule, and I wanted to like this one. However, the more I thought about it after the movie was over, the less I like it, and it was wearing thin even by the end.I think this started out as a concept: Well, see, there's this super secret code, and this little boy breaks it … let's make it an AUTISTIC boy for more punch. Then the guys that made the code are Embarrassed, so they have to try to kill him. Then Bruce finds him and has to save him OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again, while virtually NOTHING ELSE that makes any sense at all happens. Wow, can we get a script?!?!"In reality, if something this unlikely happened, the agency involved wouldn't try to wipe out the kid and his family, they'd soon have him looking over enemy coded transmissions. LOLThe end of the movie was far too chopped off. One minute, everyone on the boy's side is in big trouble. The next minute an FBI assault force is breaking in on the meeting and …


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