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Download Snow White: A Tale of Terror Full Movie | Dvd Snow White: A Tale of Terror Download

Genres: Horror , Fantasy
Actors: Dale Wyatt , Bryan Pringle , Andrew Tiernan , Miroslav Táborský , John Edward Allen , Chris Bauer , Frances Cuka , Anthony Brophy , Monica Keena , David Conrad , Brian Glover , Taryn Davis , Gil Bellows , Sam Neill , Sigourney Weaver
Director: Michael Cohn
Country: United States
Year: 1997
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 (5896 votes)

Based somewhat more authentically on the Grimm Brothers’ story of a young woman who is unliked by her stepmother, the film includes the talking mirror, a poisoned apple, and some ruffian gold (not diamond) miners (and they aren’t dwarfs or cute). It takes place at the time of the Crusades, and depicts the attitudes of the wealthy and the peasant classes toward one another.

Film Review

The truth is that Grimms' fairy tales were rather dark and bloody. Just read a copy of the unexpurgated versions – out in many different editions – and you will see. From pre-Roman times and onward, Europe had a dark and difficult history. What the Grimm brothers were trying to do was to recreate a pan-Germanic history, and the fairy tales – which they literally collected by traveling around Central Europe and interviewing people, especially the elderly – helped them research folkways, folk beliefs, and old ways of speaking and narrating. What they recorded was marvelous in m,any ways, and not always lovely.We've seen the movie and think that it goes just a bit beyond what the Grimm brothers recorded. However, this version is certainly much more consonant with their work than is the sugary-sweet Disney version. That happens a lot. For example, Johnny Depp's version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is much more in line with Roald Dahl than is the Gene Wilder version.

This film is Snow White as it should be. It is not all cutesy Disney stuff but dark and evil. Claudia (the step mother) is pure concentrated evil but miss White isn’t exactly nice either. She is cruel to her Cluadia who only wants to have a nice friendly relationship with Lilly. The incident at the ball is what pushes poor Claudia over the edge, but really Lilly deserves everything she gets. Claudia is positively frightening. Doing many things to get back at Lilly. Sigourney Weaver is amazing in this, a role which we don’t see her take on very often. She is so convincing. And that old woman is scary. Even the Dwafs are nasty. It is a great film with some powerful imagery and beautiful sets. Not the version everyone grew up with but even better.

Pure, lovely angelic innocent Lilliana's(Monica Keena, who exudes all the qualities of a live action Snow White, with her hair colored black for added effect) new stepmother, Lady Claudia(Sigourney Weaver) is secretly a witch who envies the bond she has with father Lord Friedrich(Sam Neill), her husband. Haunted by the memory of Friedrich's late wife Lady Lilliana, Claudia also must deal with the fact that Lilli favors her so. Coveting the baby in her belly, Claudia's mental state worsens when a stillbirth occurs after a negative reaction to Lilli who dresses in one of her mother's gowns taking the crowd's(..and Friedrich's specifically)attention during a ball. Claudia plots the murder of Lilli, asking for her mute magician brother Gustav(Miroslav Táborský) to cut the heart from Snow White's chest(..planning to use Lilli's "leftovers" for a feast). When that goes awry, and Lilli is separated from her home in the forest nearby, sh…


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