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Genres: Thriller , Drama , Comedy
Actors: Mena Suvari , Stephen Rea , Russell Hornsby , Rukiya Bernard , Carolyn Purdy-Gordon , Lionel Mark Smith , Wayne Robson , R.D. Reid , Patrick McKenna , Sharlene Royer , Bunthivy Nou , Suzanne Short , Wally McKinnon , John Dartt , Liam McNamara
Director: Stuart Gordon
Country: Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Canada
Year: 2007
IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 (6670 votes)

Brandi is a hard-partying, overworked, nursing assistant desperate for a promotion at the retirement home where she works. After a night of drug-binging and partying, she accidentally hits a certain Thomas Bardo a deadbeat and recently evicted man who gets stuck in the windshield of her car. Not wanting to call for help since she is driving under the influence, Brandi, chooses not to get Thomas medical help and instead drives home and leaves him clinging to his life in the windshield of her car. While Brandi frantically tries to decide what she is going to do, Thomas, tries to free himself knowing his time is running out.

Film Review

Ten stars for accurately depicting the loathsome immorality of selfish and stupid people.Welcome to Earth 21st Century. Normal guy, has a very bad day. Poor Thomas Bardo (Stephen Rea), you're going to like him, from the start even.But first, Brandi Boski (Mena Suvari), and you're going to like her too when you see how kind, helpful, and tolerant she is. Especially noteworthy is her supreme control over her gag reflex.But later, you're not going to like Brandi. And later still, you're probably going to be disgusted. And perhaps even later still, you're going to be…, well, this may contain spoilers but I'm not going to ruin it! Later, you'll appreciate Mr. Bardo's perseverance, but there is a surprise ending, which I thoroughly (adjective omitted for surprise effect) after the roller coaster.Geez! How can people be so utterly selfish and stupid!!!???Not sure who added the "Comedy" genre, because it wasn't funny at all to me. Well …

I got the film so as to see it with other horror movies. IMDb said it was a horror, but also a drama and a comedy, so I was conflicted whether to include it into my horror night. Also it starred Mena Suvari and Stephen Rea… would they play in a monster flick? Man, am I happy I chose to see it! The movie is not actually a horror by my definition, but it is certainly scarier than any I have seen in a while.This film felt like the American version of Moartea Domnului Lazarescu (The Death of Mr. Lazarescu) only inverted. Poor Stephen Rea is the complete reverse of the American dream and has the worse possible day imaginable, getting abused by every layer of society. To make a cooking recipe analogy, take The Pursuit of Happiness, mix it with Misery and Crash, then spice it up with Moartea Domnului Lazarescu and you get Stuck!Bottom line: prepare to delve into the deepest hell of all: humanity.

Stuck tells the disturbing tale of two people who both become victims of extreme circumstance. A young woman (Mena Suvari) with a job at a nursing home takes various substances before accidentally committing a hit-and-run. The victim (Stephen Rea) is a homeless man who was on his way to a homeless shelter when he was struck. Fortunately, the victim survives. Unfortunately, he is stuck halfway inside of her windshield, and the situation only grows worse from there.The plot outline has the makings of a pitch black comedy, and in truth it is. The situation gets so absurd and so gruesome that it's difficult not to chuckle. In truth, however, I found this film to easily be one of the scariest films of the decade. The situations of both of the characters is simply atrocious, and the film paints a rather raw and confronting vision of horror from the perspective of both characters. I did not really know who to feel more sorry for. Much like the 2005 picture Hard Candy, Stuck does not let…


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