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Genres: Drama , Romance
Actors: Catherine Hessling , Charlotte Clasis , Pierre Champagne , Maurice Touzé , Georges Térof , Madame Fockenberghe , Harold Levingston , André Derain , Van Doren , Pierre Lestringuez , Henriette Moret , Pierre Renoir
Director: Jean Renoir
Country: France
Year: 1925
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 (223 votes)

After the death of her father and her uncle had drunk all the heritage, Virginia is left alone. She is accepted by a family of bohemians but a quarrel between the bohemians and the peasants coerce her to flee the peasant’s riot. She is then helped by the son Raynal who fall in love with her but is too shy to tell her. Sheltered by his father, she is robbed by her uncle of the money M. Raynal gived her to pay a bill in the village. He and his son then believed she’s a thief.

Film Review

The opening scenes, on a barge travelling a wide canal, are beautifully shot and redolent of the countryside; a pastoral celebration of the earth perhaps? But no, young Gudrun's father (inexplicably) falls or jumps from the boat and drowns, leaving her defenseless against her no-account uncle, who — rather startlingly for 1925 — attempts to rape her and is beat off by a local townsperson, who nevertheless laughs with him as Gudrun flees the boat and her old life.An interlude with a group of bohemians seems promising, but after the young poacher in the family burns down a prosperous farmer's haystack and then finds his own wagon destroyed in retaliation, Gudrun is on the run again. After a dream-haunted night in the open as a thunderstorm rages (not really portrayed well; I guess there wasn't an adequate effects budget for it) she is taken in by the Reynal family, whose son Georges falls in love with her despite her shyness. Soon she is threatened again, though, as her br…

Admittedly made merely to exploit his wife Catherine Hessling's "photogenic" attributes, Jean Renoir's solo directorial debut already displays his trademark humanism and painterly eye – while Hessling herself turns in a far more naturalistic performance here than she did in NANA (1926).The plot is simple and melodramatic: Hessling loses her father, is abused by her brutish uncle (possibly inspired by Griffith's BROKEN BLOSSOMS [1919]), falls in with crooked gypsies (who ultimately incur the wrath of the people and have their caravan burned to the ground), is taken in by a wealthy family but is caught stealing for her uncle's sake…until the latter gets his come-uppance and the girl is engaged to her employer's young son. The accompanying organ score is effectively evocative to begin with but, eventually, it takes a tediously avant-gardist turn.The film's barge opening anticipates Jean Vigo's L'ATALANTE (1934) and the search at sea, F….


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