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Genres: Comedy , Musical , Romance
Actors: Fred Astaire , Rita Hayworth , Robert Benchley , John Hubbard , Osa Massen , Frieda Inescort , Guinn ‘Big Boy’ Williams , Donald MacBride , Cliff Nazarro , Marjorie Gateson , Ann Shoemaker , Boyd Davis
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Country: United States
Year: 1941
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10 (1021 votes)

After his wife discovers a telltale diamond bracelet, impresario Martin Cortland tries to show he’s not chasing after showgirl Sheila Winthrop. Choreographer Robert Curtis gets caught in the middle of the boss’s scheme. Army conscription offers Robert the perfect escape from his troubles- or does it?

Film Review

This was one of several transitional movies made by Astaire between his RKO and MGM years which means more or less that it’s minor Astaire but let’s face it even minor Astaire is light years ahead of major Kelly so that by and large this is an entertaining soufflé’. Most of us weren’t of course around on its initial release – anyone who was even ten in 1941 would be 75 in today’s money – so we probably buy the DVD for the Cole Porter score as much as the Astaire hoofing. Old King Cole doesn’t disappoint though one of his finest ballads ‘Dream Dancing’ is only heard briefly and orchestrally but this still leaves So Near And Yet So Far and Since I Kissed My Baby Goodbye, both top-drawer Porter plus Boogie Barcarolle and Wedding Cake-Walk both of which offer excellent hoofing opportunities. The plot – PLOT! you’re kidding, right? – is typical of the time and about as believable as anything that ever came out of Nixon’s mouth but Robert Benchley is on hand with his peculiar brand o…

I have to differ with the viewer who feels that though Rita Hayworth was a marvelous dancer she did not measure up to Ginger Rogers as the partner of Fred Astaire. Rita’s dancing was so graceful that she was the perfect match for the stupendous Astaire. Her beauty in this movie is a thing to behold. Now after all these years we can only wish that they included a bunch of other dances instead of all the silliness. How can it be that such a lovely as Rita would have such a difficult life? I wonder if the talented Hayworth ever realized that it would be her early dancing that would really be her lasting legacy and if she did would she have given us more to appreciate for the years. Watching her dance as a young woman is a joy that will be repeated for generations.

There is the usual silly (even by musical comedy standards) plot but it doesn’t get in the way of some funny situations and pleasing dance numbers.Highlights are the beauty of Rita Hayworth (with a dubbed singing voice), vaudevillian Cliff Nazarro with his famous *double talk* routines and one standout musical number " So near and yet so far"Many familiar faces in the supporting cast do their stuff expertly.


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