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Download 8MM 2 Full Movie | 8MM 2 Online

Genres: Mystery , Drama , Crime
Actors: George Mendel , Géza Schramek , Ferenc Kovács , Andrew Fettes , F.J. Flynn , Barna Illyés , Jane How , Alex Scarlis , Robert Cavanah , Zita Görög , Valentine Pelka , Julie Benz , Bruce Davison , Lori Heuring , Johnathon Schaech
Director: J.S. Cardone
Country: United States
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 4.5/10 (2411 votes)

David Huxley, low-born self-made legal counsel at the US embassy in Budapest, may expect his career to be boosted by his impending marriage to Tish, daughter of old money tycoon and ambassador to Hungary Harrington. But when the happy couple spends a night of hot sex at a spa, including a threesome with an exhibitionist model, they are secretly filmed, and the suspect is found murdered in their hotel. To handle the blackmail, they venture into a sex club where porno movies are made. Tish volunteers to ‘act’ so David can snoop around, but that only gets them into even greater danger, which ultimately proves most deceptive.

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Download The Return Full Movie | The Return Ipod

Genres: Drama , Mystery , Thriller
Actors: Sarah Michelle Gellar , Peter O’Brien , Adam Scott , Kate Beahan , Sam Shepard , J.C. MacKenzie , Erinn Allison , Darrian McClanahan , Wally Welch , Frank Ertl , Brad Leland , Bonnie Gallup , Brent Smiga , Robert Wilson
Director: Asif Kapadia
Country: United States
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 4.7/10 (8165 votes)

The restless sales representative of a transport company Joanna Mills travels from Saint Louis to Texas in a business trip. She is haunted by violent visions and after meeting her client, she visits her lonely father. On the next morning, she decides to visit La Salle, a small town where she has never been before, but she had recollections of many locations. She lodges in a hotel and later she meets and is befriended by the local widower Terry Stahl, who helps her from an aggression. Her daydreams and nightmares increase and she becomes obsessed for disclosing the truth about her visions of a brutal murder of a woman in a barn. Along her investigation, Joanna gets close to the killer and feels that her life is in danger.

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Download Brick Full Movie | Brick Review Movie

Genres: Thriller , Mystery
Actors: Brian White , Meagan Good , Richard Roundtree , Noah Segan , Emilie de Ravin , Matt O’Leary , Noah Fleiss , Lukas Haas , Nora Zehetner , Joseph Gordon-Levitt , Jonathan Cauff , Reedy Gibbs , Lucas Babin , Tracy Wilcoxen , Ari Welkom
Director: Rian Johnson
Country: United States
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 7.4/10 (60930 votes)

The lonely teenager Brendan finds his former girlfriend Emily dead in the entrance of a tunnel of sewage and recalls her phone call two days ago, when she said to him that she was in trouble. Brendan, who still loved Emily, met bad elements of his high-school trying to contact her, and when he succeeded, she told him that she was OK. He hides her body in the tunnel and decides to investigate the meaning and connection of four words, including “brick” and “pin”, that Emily told him to find who killed her. Using the support of his nerd friend Brain, he successively meets the small time drug dealers Kara, Dode, Brad Bramish, Laura and Tugger, to reach the teenager powerful drug dealer The Pin. Slowly, Brendan unravels the motives why Emily was killed and plots a revenge.

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